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Superior Essex Communications Joins Canada Green Building Council

Posted on April 8th, 2019

Superior Essex Communications announced today that it has joined the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) at a membership level.

The CaGBC welcomes members that are focused on leading and accelerating the transformation towards high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities throughout Canada. Members of the CaGBC are companies, institutions, universities, organizations, and municipalities or government agencies involved in the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of buildings, homes and communities.

Additionally, the CaGBC has made a concerted effort to change industry standards; develop best design practices and guidelines; advocate for green buildings, and develop educational tools to support its members in implementing sustainable design and construction practices.

Annie Bevan, the Global Head of Sustainability for Superior Essex Communications, said that membership in the CaGBC was a long time coming, and that it outwardly displays the support Superior Essex Communications has to sustainability efforts across the globe.

“We are very excited to have officially joined the Canada Green Building Council,” Bevan said. “We already have a strong presence in Canada and have been active participants within the Canadian green building marketplace.”

Superior Essex is the only cable manufacturer to offer externally verified EPDs, HPDs and Multi-Attribute Labels for over 55+ product families. SuperiorEssex also offers the only Red List Free communication cables in the world and has Declare and Living Product Challenge certifications for multiple product families. All of these products are manufactured in a certified Zero Waste to Landfill facility and are designed to help customers reach sustainability goals by contributing to green building certifications like the Living Building Challenge, WELL, and LEED v4 and v4.1.

Since 2002, CaGBC and its members have advanced the case for green buildings across Canada. It is estimated that over 34 million square meters have been certified to the LEED green building rating system in that time in Canada. The CaGBC represents the only national organization dedicated to green building.

“Superior Essex Communications is proud of our leadership position when it comes to sustainability, and we view our CaGBC membership as a way to continue to not only participate in the discussions around that global vision, but also facilitate and lead some of them,” Bevan said. “Our official membership is another step in furthering what we believe to be true, in which the products which interconnect the world must also respect it.”

About Superior Essex
Superior Essex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of communications cable and accessory products serving the communications industry and related distribution markets for over 80 years. Superior Essex is a trade name for Superior Essex International LP and other companies of Superior Essex Inc. For more information on Superior Essex sustainability efforts, visit

Contact Information:
Annie Bevan
Global Head of Sustainability
[email protected]

Local Contact:
Elaine Kasperek
Client Advisor-Canada
[email protected]

About Canada Green Building Council
The Canada Green Building Council is a not-for-profit, national organization that has been working since 2002 to advance green building and sustainable community development practices in Canada. The CaGBC is the license holder for the LEED green building rating system in Canada and supports the WELL Building Standard and GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) in Canada.

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