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Case Studies

Below is a selection of case studies that showcase how we are delivering the next phase in the evolution of smart, sustainable buildings.

From energy-efficient smart lighting to full digital building solutions: find out how developers and designers are reaping the sustainable benefits of our products.

Delos Headquarters – Earning Multiple Green Building Certifications with Superior Essex Sustainable Cable

As a global pioneer of wellness in real estate, Delos sought to innovate the renovation of its own flagship corporate space to serve as a model workplace in support of occupant wellbeing. And through their sustainability-focused design choices and the incorporation of healthy products such as sustainable cable from Superior Essex, their headquarters has since achieved certifications from two of the three major green building standards in North America – WELL, LEED and Living Building Challenge – with the third on the way.

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“Superior Essex is the only cable manufacturer on the market that offers products certified to be free of Red List chemicals with information available and transparent to the industry. Their CAT 6A F/UTP CMP cable also contributed credits toward the materials category of our LEED certification through their Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Health Product Declaration (HPD), and it met our Living Building Challenge Materials Petal certification through its Declare Label.”

Janna Wandzilak
Vice President

An Ideal Partnership

The Delos team selected Superior Essex CAT 6 UTP/FTP with FEP Jacket cable for this project to help support their healthy materials initiatives and smart technologies across the project. Moreover, Superior Essex became an even greater ally to Delos by training an interdisciplinary team of contractors and subcontractors. After their sustainability training, the well-informed and well-trained group was able to adjust to early design modifications to get the right look and feel for Delos’ space. In the end, solid communication, information sharing and significant pre- and post-testing solidified the great, positive impacts of this project.

The Sinclair Hotel – Beauty and the Tech: Infusing New Life into the Historic Sinclair Hotel with Smart Building Capabilities and Sustainable Cable

By masterfully combining Art Deco architectural beauty with future-forward technologies and sustainable cable, Sinclair Holdings, LLC and partners have renovated and revitalized a 1930s-era historic landmark in Fort Worth, Texas, into an unprecedented Sustainable Intelligent Building – one that provides immense energy efficiency, savings on both construction time and cost and an unrivaled hospitality experience – all run on DC power and Superior Essex Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) cable.

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“My relationship with Superior Essex started over three years ago, and it’s been nothing but amazing. The network of companies that they cater to is phenomenal, and at trade shows they’ve introduced us to some great partners. Some of their products are very unique and not offered by other, similar vendors, such as their 22-gauge PowerWise cable, which we use a lot of in our deployment. And their willingness to customize products for us – that’s pretty remarkable.”

Farukh Aslam
Sinclair Holdings, LLC

From Art Deco to the Digital Era

With the help of Superior Essex and other partners, Sinclair Holdings was able to convert the historic structure into a first-in-the-world, DC-powered hotel equipped with the latest Sustainable Intelligent Building technologies. The team used over 286,000 feet of various Superior Essex cabling solutions – including our PowerWise 1G 4PPoE – to connect over 6,500 PoE-powered smart devices throughout the property. All the new technology works together to provide immense energy efficiency – achieving an anticipated 35% savings on energy costs – as well as savings on both construction time and costs and an unrivaled hospitality experience. It now stands as one of the most advanced, energy-efficient, DC-powered buildings in the world.

BICSI Project Refresh – A World Headquarters Fit for an Industry Leader

The Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) is a professional association that supports the advancement of the information and communications technology (ICT) community. It provides education and training, hosts conferences and events, maintains credentialing and certification processes and shares best practices and reference materials with its members in over 100 countries. And when they wanted to update the technology inside their world headquarters, BICSI turned to Superior Essex Communications for its futureproof cabling solutions.

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“It has been a great pleasure to work with Superior Essex Communications on the successful expansion of the BICSI Learning Academy and the update to our world headquarters in Tampa, Florida.”

John D. Clark
CAE, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

A Better and Bolder BICSI Headquarters

Noting Superior Essex Communications as a leader in the Sustainable Intelligent Building arena, BICSI collaborated with us to select CAT 6A cable for networking and Wi-Fi, CAT 6A Shielded cable for HDBASE-T and 1G PowerWise® cable for PoE lighting and other applications, as well as premises fiber for networking capabilities. Overall, they chose to install these cable products as part of their building update for two key reasons — greater power efficiency and limited environmental impact during the manufacturing process. As a result of this change in cabling throughout their refreshed world headquarters, BICSI has been able to collect vital building analytics — including usage data on room occupancy and vacancy, motion, temperature and humidity — using its PoE systems. They then put this data to use to help them maintain a healthy building environment by employing sustainable techniques such as carbon footprint reduction and daylight harvesting.

Arch | Nexus - meeting the most stringent green building standard in the world

Architectural Nexus, a Sacramento, California-based multi-disciplinary architecture firm committed to design as a means of expressing its core values, sought Superior Essex to execute its communications cable retrofit and achieve LEEDv4 Platinum, WELL certification and Full Living Building Challenge certification.

Download full Arch | Nexus Case Study

“Superior Essex was ahead of the curve in providing the full chemical composition of their products. Most manufacturers simply don’t know or won’t tell you about that, which makes projects like these a lot more difficult. Superior Essex was very forthcoming.”

Patty Karapinar
Director of Sustainability
Arch | Nexus

Superior Essex helps Arch | Nexus exceed its goals of a Living Building Challenge

Arch | Nexus SAC is now the 1st Living certified project in the world that is an adaptive reuse of an existing building. It has also gained the LEED v4 certification of the highest rank, Platinum, while also being currently evaluated for WELL certification. The building generates more power than it expends thanks in part to Superior Essex low smoke halogen free CAT 6+ cable, which connects and powers 40 client computer work stations, three private offices, and two conference rooms on top of security systems, and handles data for the entire complex.

CaGBC - walking the walk by implementing sustainable design and construction practices

The Canada Green Building Council is the world’s third largest market for LEED. To help achieve its green building goals, the organization turned to Superior Essex for its data communications infrastructure needs to achieve LEED v4 Platinum certification in their Vancouver, BC office.

Download full CaGBC Case Study

“The cable we chose from Superior Essex made a big impact on our final LEED score, especially in the materials category. Their EPDs and HPDs absolutely saved us valuable time checking materials as well.”

Marsha Gentile
Director, Sustainability
Ledcor Construction Limited

Superior Essex helps the CaGBC uphold its standard of excellence

A third party analysis of the building confirmed that the building has a 25.3% energy savings, has reduced indoor water use by 39%, and has diverted 89% of its waste from landfills. Having exceeded its already impressive certification goal by leaps and bounds, CaGBC also succeeded in setting a practical example for others to follow.

Today the CaGBC’s Vancouver office stands as a testament to the revitalizing capabilities green buildings can have on our health, environment, and greater society.

West Baden Springs Hotel – modernization meets preservation

Sometimes referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, the domed atrium of the historic West Baden Springs Hotel in Indiana was the largest free-spanning dome in the world for more than 50 years. Today, it continues to serve as one of the hotel’s main attractions. Superior Essex partnered with Platformatics to create a customized lighting solution for the atrium, using innovative physical infrastructure and leading lighting technology.

Watch the West Baden Springs Hotel Case Study

“This system has really proven out the technology and its ability to deliver [building systems] solutions over low voltage, over PoE, in order to do things just not possible otherwise ... We felt like this was the perfect application for what we needed.”

Brent Conner
Director of Architecture and
Engineering, Cook Group

Superior Essex and Platformatics retrofitted the atrium with the latest intelligent LED lighting technologies.

Together, they provided a connected lighting solution that significantly improves energy efficiency, ease of use and customizability, while also establishing a foundation for future converged network applications that will continue to add value as the hotel expands its in-building network.

The lighting solution preserved the architectural integrity of the iconic space, while improving energy efficiency by 98.5%. Other benefits include advanced data gathering and analytics, and improved safety for facilities managers and engineers.

In 2018, the project received an Outstanding Case Study Award from the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC).

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