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Below is a selection of case studies that showcase how we are delivering the next phase in the evolution of smart, sustainable buildings.

From energy-efficient smart lighting to full digital building solutions: find out how developers and designers are reaping the sustainable benefits of our products.

Sinclair Marriott – delivering the hospitality experience of tomorrow

West Baden Springs Hotel - modernization meets preservation

Sinclair Marriott - delivering the hospitality experience of tomorrow

One of Texas’s finest examples of art deco architecture, the 1930s Sinclair building in Fort Worth is soon to become the site of a 165-room Marriott Autograph Hotel. To prepare for the conversion, the owners Sinclair Holdings, LLC wanted the building to be ready to meet the latest standards of smart building comfort and sustainability, and asked Superior Essex with its partners Cisco and NuLED to carry out a complete digital building retrofit.

“I was very happy to connect with Superior Essex and to utilize their 1Gig PowerWise cable with 22 AWG conductors to maximize the power efficiency delivered to the lights and any PoE application.”

Farukh Aslam
Owner Sinclair Holdings, LLC

Powered by Superior Essex's Power over Ethernet products, Cisco’s Digital Building Solution delivers leading edge smart building technologies for a truly engaging hospitality experience.

From lighting and temperature to entertainment and window blind control, every aspect of the room environment can be customized to meet the individual needs of hotel guests. Meanwhile energy use is optimized and usage data can be tracked and analysed in real time, significantly lowering operational costs and improving energy efficiency. Superior Essex’s Powerwise cable suite is capable of delivering 60-watts of power to PoE-enabled devices with 97% power efficiency. This will yield energy savings of thousands of kilowatt hours per year for the building, which translates to thousands of dollars in saved utility costs.

West Baden Springs Hotel – modernization meets preservation

Sometimes referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, the domed atrium of the historic West Baden Springs Hotel in Indiana was the largest free-spanning dome in the world for more than 50 years. Today, it continues to serve as one of the hotel’s main attractions. Superior Essex partnered with Platformatics to create a customized lighting solution for the atrium, using innovative physical infrastructure and leading lighting technology.

“This system has really proven out the technology and its ability to deliver [building systems] solutions over low voltage, over PoE, in order to do things just not possible otherwise ... We felt like this was the perfect application for what we needed.”

Brent Conner
Director of Architecture and
Engineering, Cook Group

Superior Essex and Platformatics retrofitted the atrium with the latest intelligent LED lighting technologies.

Together, they provided a connected lighting solution that significantly improves energy efficiency, ease of use and customizability, while also establishing a foundation for future converged network applications that will continue to add value as the hotel expands its in-building network.

The lighting solution preserved the architectural integrity of the iconic space, while improving energy efficiency by 98.5%. Other benefits include advanced data gathering and analytics, and improved safety for facilities managers and engineers.

In 2018, the project received an Outstanding Case Study Award from the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC).

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