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TIA, UL Join Forces For Smart Building

Posted on April 18th, 2019

In an effort to accelerate the development of a common framework for standardizations in smart building technology, two industry leaders announced a collaboration for online resources to help educate and inform.

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and UL released a statement saying that the two would jointly share commercial, technical and standardization insights to help the proliferation of a smart building ecosystem. It also stated that the joint goal will be to add focus to benchmarking, measurements, assessments, certifications and registration in the areas of connectivity, interoperability, safety, security – both cyber and physical, resiliency and sustainability for buildings.

Superior Essex Communications Vice President of Demand Creation and International Sales, Brian Ensign as well as its Global Head of Sustainability, Annie Bevan, are two members of the TIA Smart Building Committee that has helped shape various TIA standards and certification defining what is a smart building.

Ensign said that the two entities coming together is a seminal moment for standardization and transparency in smart building.

“The joint efforts of TIA and UL to focus on smart building technologies, and support everyone involved with industry standards, is something that we are excited to be involved with,” Ensign said. “This is an important project for everyone in this industry and it is one that will advance and create a platform for success in smart buildings.”

Wes Johnston, the current CEO of TIA, said that with thousands of Smart City initiatives currently taking place there is a need for comprehensive guidelines.

“Together, TIA and UL are laying the groundwork for industry-wide standards that will foster common frameworks that will enable better connectivity, safety and reliability across Smart Buildings projects,” Johnston said. “Together we can go deeper, wider, faster, and more comprehensively.”

TIA and UL will also collaborate to create not only the list of relevant standards but also a training curriculum for smart building characteristics and criteria that can aid in spreading the value propositions for smart buildings.

Weifang Zhou, president of UL’s Connected Technologies business unit, said that both groups are looking towards the future and believe that this partnership fills a void in the market.

“Around the world, we are seeing more cities commit to developing smarter infrastructure and smart buildings are a key component of their respective visions,” Zhou said. “This collaboration with TIA presents an opportunity to help advance societal well-being by helping to bring visibility to the value inherent in smart buildings and, ultimately, smart cities.”

The TIA Smart Building Project aligns with the beliefs of Superior Essex Communications Sustainability efforts in that both are looking to develop systems that can combine connectivity, interoperability, communications, and scalability while respecting the world around it.

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